The European Forces Swim League (EFSL)

The European Forces Swim League (EFSL) is an outgrowth of Forces, NATO & European Communities' teams throughout Europe. It is not meant to be competitive with, nor to draw participants away from, the local competitive swim program. As is to be expected, the objectives and philosophy are different with each team and may vary with new coaches, or change when coaches change. It is very probable that two coaches with the same team may even have divergent philosophies, goals and objectives. Each team in this league has a different origin and a different number of competitive swimmers to draw upon. However, all have the common interests of providing a program of competitive swimming on the local level and a healthy environment in which our children can grow emotionally and physically.

Although higher levels of competition are the interests of some, the league shall not be a farm system, but shall seek to provide a strong foundation for those swimmers who receive their introduction to competitive swimming through the local team and will continue into higher levels of swimming excellence. Everyone won't become a great swimmer, everyone can't become great; but this league has excellent potential for providing the desire. At the same time, through dual and tri-meets, the novice - the beginner - is given an opportunity to compete at their level and they can progress as far as they are able and desire, right through to the highest level of competition.

With the very high quality of swimming that can be developed in this league, it is important that the teams and coaches not lose sight of the basic purpose of the league and that is to provide an organized, somewhat local, competitive swimming program for our swimmers stationed in Europe. The individual teams must meet the demands of its local participants. The league will provide an excellent dual/tri-meet and championship program to satisfy the needs for competition for most of the members of the teams. Those swimmers who especially excel in the program can continue their competition through other programs offered in Europe with the assurance that the local team and league experiences have provided the best and proper preparation possible for their continued success.

For more information, visit EFSL website.