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6 tips on how to be a happy swim parent

seavipers coaches philosophy

Become Best Possible Swimmer
Every swimmer has their own body type, individual abilities, physical development, fitness levels, and personalities.  The coaching staff will evaluate strengths and weaknesses in each swimmer and find ways to teach and encourage each person to develop and improve.  Our goal is to have each swimmer be the best they can be by the end of the season.  Better swimmer, better person, more confident.

Strive to Become Better and Always Improve
We want each swimmer to go into each practice and competitive meet with an attitude towards improvement.  This means working hard in practice on weaknesses, fitness, techniques, attitude, etc., with the goal of getting better each and every time they get in the water.  The best measure of improvement is official times during competition.  We’ve had swimmers improve 7, or more, seconds over their best times, from one competition to the next.  Even if he/she drops a tenth of a second, it’s still an improvement.  You can believe that that one tenth of a second really means something…especially if it is the difference between qualifying for Champs, or not.

Be a Good Teammate and a Good Sport
We, as Coaches, will always encourage and cheer for our swimmers to do their best.  We want our swimmers to encourage and root for each other to do their best and congratulate one another on a great effort.  Win or lose.  This is how a swim team can truly become a team sport.  We want to also encourage good sportsmanship and discourage negativity.  We want our team to lift up a teammate who feels bad because they did not perform well, or congratulate a competitor on a good swim.    We might be the smallest team…but, we definitely want to make the biggest splash.

Have Fun
None of the above philosophies will work if the swimmer is not having fun.  The coaching staff will do our best to provide a safe and fun environment for the team.  Cliques will be discouraged, and bullying will not be tolerated.  Friendly competitions, team games, cheers, etc. will all be incorporated during practice so it doesn’t always feel like work.  We want our swimmers to want to come to practice.  If it’s not fun, why do it?


Megan Doherty

2017/18 Coaching Staff:

instructional videos 

These videos are for the swimmers to watch on non-practice days or when practice is cancelled.  They are intended to help the swimmer better understand the strokes, not replace practice and hard work.  Go Deep! 

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Ben Lazo read this article and thought it'd be perfect for our swim parents to read!  It's got some simple, yet smart ways to approach being a swim parent!
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