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We are excited to start the 2017/2018 swim season this summer! We have new board members with new ideas and many new families and our hope is for a positive, very enjoyable and rewarding experience for all.

Our theme for the season will be “When you do your best, you succeed at the rest!”. By applying your best attitude and hard work will propel you through the demanding times it requires to be the best.  Always give 100% focus and energy during practices and 100% meets. Being part of an organized sport is a great opportunity to teach our children valuable skills physically and socially. In addition to becoming stronger better swimmers and athletes, they can become stronger more confident individuals.

Below are the registration key policies for joining the team. Please read these over and let us know if you have any questions. NOTE:  These are currently being updated for the 2017/2018 season.  We do not expect major changes.

Annual Fees for the 2015/16 season will be as follows per household: 

  • 1st swimmer:  $200
  • 2nd swimmer $175
  • Every swimmer starting with the 3rd and after: $150

Monthly Fees for each swimmer will be $35. The Seavipers will cover the three (3) individual and relay Splash Fees. All othersplash fees will be paid for by the swimmer.

​Annual fees are due by Wednesday, September 16, 2015.  

Monthly fees are due by the 5th of each month.  

Payments can be made by check or money order or cash directly to our Tresurer. 

No child will be able to participate in the Competitive Season without a completed Registration Packet and Registration fees paid.

​Please download all the forms in the Registration Documents link above, fill out completely and submit with registration fees to our Board President. 

Most correspondence will be done by email. It is important that we have a current, working email address for each swimmer. If you do not have an email address, it is YOUR responsibility to call us for information.  If you'd like to update your email address, please fill out the form below. Notifications will also be posted to our Facebook page.  

It is impossible to run a team without the support and effort of all participating families. By signing your child up for the swim team, you are agreeing to donate your time at meets and fundraisers too. 

We ask that each family volunteer a minimum of 15 hours per season. We do charge non-participation fee of $10 per hour if hours are not met.  

Please register with the Vilseck-Graf Seavipers Swim Team on Army OneSource, so we may track volunteer hours through the USAG Grafenwohr. 

Swimmers are required to participate in a minimum two (2) practices per week to maintain meet eligibility except in cases of illness or emergencies. If the swimmer does not meet the two practice minimum they will not be allowed to swim in that week’s meet. The Head Coach and/or the Executive Council are the only approving authoring to an exception to this rule.

Practices are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  For a more detailed look at our practices & schedule, visit the Practice Info page

Qualification times are set by the EFSL for each event by age. Swimmers have a chance to meet these set times in each of the regular scheduled meets.  To qualify,

you must have participated in at least four (4) meets and have a qualifying time in that event.  Once you havequalified, you have the opportunity to swim in the Championship meet should you choose.

This year seeding for Champs will be done electronically and verified later by the Head Coach and President prior to finalization. Last year there was a two heat minimum at Champs, which depending on the event meant a lot of people moved up. The two heat minimum has been eliminated and there will be a published “B” time to ensure that anyone that gets pulled up will be competitive. Swimmers will be notified and details about the whole weekend event will be given prior to Champs.

Swimmers who do not qualify by time or through the seeding process are invited to attend Champs to cheer on the team and will be allowed to suit up and practice with
the team.


We are looking forward to an exciting season. If you have any further questions, please email us at or fill out the form below!